Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More FIRSTS....

So Olivia has had a VERY busy last couple weeks. She is now officially crawling upright on all fours. In fact she crawls on one knee and one foot, as she's thinks she's ready to walk. She is really getting around the house on her own now. She just started pulling herself up and is really good at it already. She stood on her own for a couple seconds (several times in fact) on Christmas Eve and got her first tooth on Christmas Day. She ate her first Swedish Meatballs on Christmas Eve (and loved them) and of course celebrated her first Christmas!

Her doctor appointment today was a success! She's happy, healthy and growing.

She is now to the stage where I can look at her and we just laugh together ...for no real reason! She is a joy to us and to her sisters.

Abigail and Emma especially enjoyed some Grammy time over the past few days. They have been such a delight over the past few weeks, despite both having a flu bug.

Sorry I don't have any pictures to post. I haven't uploaded any in awhile, and likely won't get to it soon, as we've been busy packing to move.

Just wanted to post a quick note!

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